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If you are interested in an ergonomic assessment the first step would be to contact us

Our ergonomists cover the whole of the UK.

On contacting us we will then arrange a suitable date and time for the assessment to take place. The ergonomist will carry out the assessment at the workplace.


During Assessment


The Ergonomist will commence with an informal and confidential discussion with the customer focussing on medical details, task analysis and difficulties encountered.

The next stage is to observe the customer performing work tasks as detailed in the task analysis.

During the observation process photographs are usually taken (with customer consent) and used to highlight potential problem areas for discussion in the assessment report and to focus on postural observations.

Measurements are taken both of equipment (working heights, reach, visual heights, etc) and body measurements (where appropriate) to establish degree of fit for existing work equipment and to ensure accuracy and suitability when specifying ergonomic solutions.



Post assessment


Following the workplace assessment the ergonomist will then produce a detailed full colour printed report. This report will be produced in an agreed format and only include details agreed by the customer. The report will clearly highlight potential problems and difficulties identified during the assessment, together with proposed solutions. The report will include a detailed list of all the solutions the ergonomist has suggested including a list of suppliers, product images and prices. The report will also include postural guidance and behavioural advice for the customer and will also take into account health and safety, DSE Regulations, Manual Handling Operations, and environmental factors (lighting, noise, temperature, etc).

Once the report has been received and the suggested equipment has been delivered to the customerís place of work, we offer an additional service where the ergonomist can be requested to visit the workplace to carry out training and set up/adjustment of equipment. This is to ensure that the equipment (which is often of a specialised nature) is set up correctly, to ensure that the customer gains maximum benefit.




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